Case Study: Villa Website Design Project

August 26, 2013 0 comments Blog, Web Design

Daley´s Villas approached me with a very simple request to redesign their holiday villa website. They wanted to make sure that their website is up to date and that SEO practices are met to ensure their villa business will reach the top rankings on Google. This is my first villa webdesign project and I was rather excited to get started!

Daley´s Villas requested a very clean but fun website, with 5 static pages, including gallery, contact form and a brief description about the villas location.

I collaborated with Daley´s Villas on the design concepts to produce a modern, simple but informative website on a budget. With a simple jQuery Slider on the main page, the website immediately showcases the villa and its facilities. Important information such as the house plan and rates are placed on the front page making it easier and faster for their target audience to obtain information.

Old Villa Website Design

The Logo

Firstly, I designed a logo that incorporated the Disney feel without using the harsh blue and reds. By using different shade from the base colour I found that the whole look and feel of the brand is greatly transformed.

disney villa logo

New Villa Website

Based on the logo I started to create the website. Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, I was able to put together a fast loading private villa website that is clean and easy to navigate. Also as requested I incorporated Daley´s Disney Villas Facebook Page within the website, this will help to promote their business through one of the most popular social media channels.

New Villa Website Design

Visit: Daleys Disney Villa


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